The Perilous Realm

The Perilous Realm is the world (or worlds) from which all of our stories come. 

Dreamers and storytellers have journeyed often in the Perilous Realm and returned with the tales that tell us who we are, and who we may be. 

To those who live in the Realm, our world is known as Elsewhere, or the Untold.

The Realm is apparently infinite in extent, although in places it conforms to a geography and a cosmology similar to ours. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The moon circles the earth and the earth the sun. The seasons have their cycle, and the directions conform to what we know: the further north you go, the colder and more barren become the lands. To the south are warmer climates.

Within this familiar framework, however, there are unusual distinctions. The Realm is home to innumerable storylands, each of which is (or was, before the Great Unweaving) separate and distinct from any others. Stories come from innumith, the “storystuff” that lies in potential in the realm, in its earth, trees, water, stone, and all beings. 

Innumith is also the name for a power of being able to see and manipulate the very threads of stories and the paths between them. One with such a gift is known as a loremaster.

The present loremaster of the city of Fable is Nicholas Pendrake. He owns a toyshop in Pluvius Lane, where he lives with his granddaughter Rowen.

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