Far Lands

The Far Lands of the Realm are those which one hears about but can never visit, because no matter how long or far you search, you can never find them. Here are a few of the Far Lands. I'm afraid I have no maps of them, or directions on how to get there:

Dark Aunc, where immense flocks of crows peck at the blue sky and carry it away piece by piece, leaving a starless night that slowly grows a delicate shell of blue again. And then the crows return ...

In Outer Oub, everything is made of sound. In Inner Oub, utter silence reigns.

Yederne, where rivers, hills, and trees fall in love with the traveler and follow her wherever she goes.

In Tirreth Dree, the festival country, there are no workdays, and the jugglers and street musicians rule.

Dread Errefal, with its scorpion armies and fountains of blood, is also said to have the nicest beaches.