The Fathomless Fire heats up

 The Fathomless Fire, the second book of the Perilous Realm trilogy, is now – or will soon be – on bookstore shelves!

When a strange messenger from the Perilous Realm foretells danger, Will Lightfoot realizes his friends, Rowen and her grandfather, the loremaster Nicholas Pendrake, need him in the land of Story—a world where nothing is as it seems. And so Will returns to the Realm and begins a dangerous search for his former companion, the wolf, Shade. Meanwhile, despite the overshadowing threat of the Night King, Rowen ventures into the Weaving, the mysterious source of all stories, to find her grandfather and discover what it really means to be a loremaster…

The Shadow of Malabron was very much Will’s book, as it concerned his journey to return home from this strange and terrifying world he’d stumbled into. In The Fathomless Fire, Rowen begins a difficult quest of her own, and takes a central role in the story. Some of the other characters from the first book return as well, as the threat of the Night King grows, and the threads of his own dark, ruinous story weave more tightly around the city of Fable.

The Fathomless Fire will be launched at Greenwood's Books in Edmonton on February 1st at 7 PM.


Anonymous said...

Please plase please write some background information on the Great Unweaving, the history of Malabron, and more about Moth and Morrigan! How many years ago did this take place, as Lotan or the Angel is listed as Moth's ancient enemy, meaning they both must be pretty old, but in my minds eye, they don't take on the appearance of being 'old', rather, the opposite...Just wondered if you could clear some of those things up for me!

I LOVE your books far too much and now that I finished the Fathomless Fire, I'm just DYING to know more about everything. There's so many unanswered questions! You should really do a field guide or something on everything you know about the Perilous Realm.

I'm an aspiring writer myself and your Perilous Realm has captured my heart. I would love to write about life in Fable and adventures out in Bourne and other countries, but I find myself with a lack of brackground information...

Although I'm 16 going on 17 and these books are labeled ages 9-12 in my local, book store, I LOVE this series, your writing , and am SO looking forward to your next book!

All the best,


Thomas Wharton said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your kind words about my books. You're the first reader who's written to say you've finished The Fathomless Fire, and I'm very pleased to hear that you can't wait for the third book! The good news is that Book 3 is nearing completion and there shouldn't be anywhere near as long a wait as there was between the first and second books.

I'm also pleased to hear that you write as well, and that my stories are inspirations to you in your own writing. That's how I got started as a writer -- by wanting more of the adventures and characters I loved and writing my own stories about them. I encourage you to keep at the hard work of writing and look forward to reading a book of yours someday.

I created a lot of background material on the Realm while preparing to write the first book, because I wanted my imaginary world to have depth and history and a feeling of reality. So yes, there's a lot I could post about the Unweaving, and the Shee, and Lotan, and so on, and I promise to do so.

I have seen my books in both the teen and 9 - 12 sections in different stores. My own kids are different ages and I think I was trying to write stories that would work for both younger kids and teens (and maybe adults too).

With thanks and best wishes,
Tom Wharton

Richard Flynn said...

Many thanks, Tom, for replying to this enthusiastic young writer and reader! I have just found "Shadow" in our local library (Apr 2012), and it so clearly cried out for a sequel. I am so pleased that - just as I found it! - I find the sequel has been published (hah! one in the eye for the Black King!).

I plan to buy the first as a 2012 Xmas present for a friend (yes, I do plan that far ahead!), and dig around for "Fathomless Fire".

Really looking forward to reading the final part of the trilogy, which to me is every bit as good as Alan Garner's wonderful books, and echoes Tolkien in its depth and landscape description (which I love).

Thomas Wharton said...

Thank you for the kind words about my books, and for planning your Christmas present buying so far ahead!

Glad to hear you're looking forward to book 3 as well. I won't say much about it but I can tell you that in the grand tradition of fantasy there will be a mighty battle (two in fact).

Tom Wharton

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for gracing me with an incredible book such as The Shadow of Malabron. Without a doubt it is my favourite of all the books I've read and I am deeply enchanted by the enriching storytell that you've put so much effort into.

I have been long awaiting the second book to the trilogy since the day I finished the first book. To make up for that period of time, I have been reading the first book a number of times so that by the time I have the sequel at my fingertips, the plot of the first book will still linger in my head to lead up to the next unfolding story. In other words, I am thoroughly snared by the story, forcing me into a spellbinding trance. And I mean that in a good way.

I still remember the time I stumbled upon The Shadow Of Malabron in a local bookstore. As soon as I began reading the first few pages, I was instantly drawn into the world of Story. At that moment, I knew I had to get the book right then and there.

I am really looking forward for the Fathomless Fire to hit the stores in Singapore and Malaysia. Your work has even touched the hearts of us Asians and I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to witness such an inspiring masterpiece from an outstanding writer. I hope to see more great storytelling from you!

Thomas Wharton said...

Thank you! This is the first time I've heard from a reader in Asia. I actually didn't know the books were available there.

nathan said...

hi i'm 12 and i used to hate reading after reading your books i have started to love reading i love your books i was wondering when will book 3 come out?

nathan said...

hi i'm 12 and i used to hate reading after reading your books i started to love reading i love the books and was wondering when will book 3 come out? thanks

Thomas Wharton said...

Hi Nathan,
That's one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me -- that my books made them love reading. The third book of the trilogy, The Tree of Story, is supposed to be published October 2013 in Canada and the UK.