...from The Spindlefog Misguidebook to the Realms of Story

Arzareth, the land that no one has visited:

Follow the river Abrach south from Brythar for twenty-one days, until the stream finally runs dry in the wastes of Houl. Make for the Talon Rock on the western horizon and strike out across the deathly plain, for a further thirteen days, until you reach Quef, the country that is all border, with no interior. From here it matters not which direction you take, for you will always find Arzareth before you but unreachable, on the far side of a dry riverbed, or seen through flickering leaves, or glimpsed, blue and inviting, from the top of a hill, or across a channel of surging ocean surf....

"another land" Esdras 2, 13:40-46)


Cy said...

Fantastic; reminiscent of something from Calvino's "Invisible Cities."

I read your "The Logogryph" a few weeks ago and enjoyed it immensely; a very subtle interweaving of texts and narratives. Will be starting "Salamander"soon.


richcharles said...
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