Waves. Standing at the edge of the red rock. They’re shouting at me. Jump. My toes at the very edge, curling over. Claw toes. Can’t see into the slip slap flashing water. Waves. Jump. The waves from the motorboat skier slapping the rock. Tow rope flash. Waves bulling in slip slap white. Wind gust. Cold. Claw. Goosebumps. Dog barking. Black dog. Champ. Been getting loose. Coming over to our cabin all summer. Ugly dog. Owph owph. Wants to play. When did you last eat? They’re shouting at me. Jump. Been half an hour at least don't worry Mom. Shouting. Heads bobbing coconuts in the slip slap green. Can’t see down into the water. Just three four heads on the surface. Which is Ari? She calls me cuz. Her eyes. Flashing sky blue. Hey cuz. Flash of slip slap sky of clouds. Skier still up hanging on over rough waves. 


Lost the spare cabin key. Had it in my jeans pocket. Dad freaked. His book. Saving the planet's water. His life work. Jesus you kids! No peace even out here! His papers spilling on the floor. When did you. Made me look for it. When did you last see it? Don't remember. You never remember! Jump. Buzzing far. Motorboat gunning pulling skier still. Waves spreading out. That first night around the campfire. Sparks. She leaned against me. Then Dad pointing up at the stars. We're alone. No one else. No god, no mothership coming to save us. We have to save ourselves. 


Red rock goes down sheer into the deep green dark jelly cold water, down down to where? Owph owph. Can’t they take better care of that thing? Ari said Champ likes you cuz. Why? Just cuz, cuz. Laughing. Her eyes. Last night’s dream. Slimy muscled thing. Crawling out of the lake. No eyes in its head. Hungry. Got up cold looked out window lace saw moonshiver on water through trees spruce arms clawing wind no sight no sound. Nothing to be afraid of. Jump. Ari said something in her sleep. Look in the. In the what? Couldn't hear the word through the wall.  


Summer almost over. Tomorrow. Mom packing. Dad’s papers still. One more day. One more chance. The key. My jeans. Scrambling out of them on the shore yesterday. Must have fallen. Look in the. I’m looking in now can’t see anything in the flash of spill of water how far down? Water spilling sliding motor rumbling down now quieter, why? Jump. Skier not there anymore just waves spreading out and boat slowing turning can’t see but I have to. Jump. The key. Must. Jump. Because. Ari. Jump. Have to. Jump.

[image from  http://dockjumping.wordpress.com/tag/canada/]


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