30 Novels, day 30: 21 more for the road

30 Novels, day 30: 21 more for the road

The image above is of a book called 21 Epic Novels, by Jessica Salmonson. In the mid-90's I was in Seattle promoting the American edition of my first novel. In a tiny shop in a mall I met a man named John Lathourakis, who ran a small printing and publishing business called Tabula Rasa Press. Jessica Salmonson's miniature collection of brief epics was one of his lovely creations. 

Mr. Lathourakis was a crafter of books as art objects, much like our own Gaspereau Press here in Canada. As soon as I saw this little book I had to have it, and I've had it displayed on my shelf ever since. Its grandiose title and Lilliputian dimensions remind me not to take myself too seriously. To remember that whatever else writing is, it's play. It's a game.

Here's one of Jessica Salmonson's novels in its entirety:

Epic Novel X
The Book That Devoured All the Objects in the House:

It flapped around in the most amazing fashion.


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