The Fathomless Fire: update

In an earlier post I announced that The Fathomless Fire, the second book in The Perilous Realm trilogy, would be on bookstore shelves this August. The release date has since be revised by the publisher, to January 2012. My apologies to those who have been waiting eagerly for the continuing adventures of Will, Rowen, Shade and their friends. 

I can at least promise you that "Fire" is worth the wait!

P.S. Amazon lists the book as a paperback, but I'm told this is an error: it will in fact come out first in hardcover.

NEW UPDATE: January 10th, 2012: The Fathomless Fire is now at a bookstore near you!


Anonymous said...

The whole family is eagerly awaiting the next installment in The Perilous Realm! My daughter is reading Shadow of Malabron for the second time.

Thomas Wharton said...

Glad to hear it. And thanks for waiting!