Merlin's Ring

I first read this novel when I was a teenager in the 1970's. I was blown away by its epic narrative sweep and by the beautiful, transcendent story of its heroes, the Roman-Aztec warrior Gwalchmai and his beloved Corenice, an immortal Atlantean woman, as they lose and find one another again and again through the ages, and through many worlds of myth, legend and history. 

I knew nothing about the author when I first read the book all those years ago, but recently I happened to be browsing the old paperbacks on my shelves and I found my battered Ballantine copy of the novel, and decided to read it again for the first time in decades. It had held up remarkably well after all these years, and now, in this age of the internet, I finally did some searching to learn more about the author. His story is more curious than I would have guessed, and rather sad as well, since it's clear he has been far underrated as a writer of fantasy.

Here's the story of H Warner Munn and the world of Merlin's Ring.

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