Once upon a shell

In the course on storytelling I taught this year, I challenged the students to combine text with some other medium in order to tell a story in a new or unusual way.

The students responded with a wonderful burst of creativity. They put together photo essays, did spoken word performances, created a participatory storytelling game.... One student turned the classroom into a museum, complete with interactive exhibits. 

Another student developed his own imaginary script, based on the fanciful notion that squid communicate by way of the shapes they can make with their ink in the water. And as if that wasn't enough, he honed his understanding and facility with script-making by copying out passages from various texts in various scripts (Hebrew, Arabic, English, etc) on the shells of eggs.

Maybe this is what happens when you teach chickens to read...

I hope these pics convey something of the painstaking effort that went into this project.

Eggquisite work, isn't it? He really went ova-board with this project.


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