The Fable of Brother Buchreder

I had a great time at the Lethbridge Word on the Street Festival and read a new non-fiction piece about fear of bears.  A piece so new I was still tinkering with it just before I went up onstage to read.

I also got to see a former student of mine, Matt Schneider, who lives in Lethbridge and is working on his PhD dissertation on the materiality of video games. Matt is also a writer of fiction and he kindly agreed to share a story of his on the Perilous Realm blog, a brief tale that booklovers will enjoy, called The Fable of Brother Buchreder.

Matt has a blog of his own about all things bookish and then some, at

Note: the last line of the story is a quote from Dante's Inferno, which translates roughly into English as "And we came out once more under the stars."

Illustration: "Lucia Carrying Dante" by William Blake


Unknown said...

I saw you at WOTS:LA! You had been in the self-publisher's tent. I saw your name badge, and I almost died.

My story is based in the 25th century. The Tim Hortons chain, by then, has shortened its name to "TH". Therefore, no one remembers what it used to be called. One of the characters takes a stab at it:

"It used to be called... Tom Wharton's er... Tom Hartleys or something."

Thomas Wharton said...

That's funny -- also because in the past I've been referred to as "Tim Horton."