What is Riddle? A shapechanger, a creature of Story without a story of his own. He (if Riddle is a he) hid for years in the Forest of Eldark, waylaying travelers and forcing them to play his crazy riddle game, in the hope someone could tell him who or what he really is and where he came from. 
Those who saw him or were lured by him into his hidden grove in the forest called him the Woodwraith and feared him. Some said he was a bat, others saw him as an owl, and others as a wildcat climbing among the tree branches. As a shapechanger, of course he could be any of these creatures and more.

Riddle can take on the characteristics of whatever creature he shapes himself as. As a cat, Riddle is convincingly catlike, and yet there remains something uncanny and strange about him. 

Can this creature of many shapes be trusted?

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