The island / continent of Atlantis was first mentioned in two dialogues of the Greek philosopher Plato. He asserted that the Atlanteans sank in a cataclysm of earthquake and flood thousands of years ago.

Since Plato was generally thought of as a truthful sort of fellow, people have spent the past couple of millennia trying either to find Atlantis or to speculate on where it might have been. Despite the fact that Plato said the island was located in the Atlantic Ocean, just beyond the Strait of Gibraltar, various "experts" have located it in just about every other part of the globe, including places on dry land.

The thing these experts don't realize is that they will never find Atlantis by looking for it under the ocean floor or in ancient ruins. That's because it exists only in one place, the Realm of Story.

In the next couple of posts I'll have more to say about Atlantis and what you might find there.


Steve said...
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Steve said...

It's an interesting point that Atlantis as a concept is a moral story-telling vessel for human life today, although I'm not completely inclined to put if off a just legend, or fable.

I'm skeptic on the subject, but challenged some time ago to open my mind, I have begun to turn to the idea that an ancient civilization known as Atlantis or Posidiea (or whatever) did exist. It may not be as fabulous as some describe it, certainly harnessing the atom or nuclear technology would leave behind some artifacts, or traces right? But perhaps by ancient mans accounts the Atlanteans or Posideans were advanced in ways that they could not comprehend at the time. I'd like to think of the Atlanteans as cultured as the Mayans, Egyptians or Khmer in the time of stonage man. And the idea that a continent could sink into the sea is nothing new, some temples off the coats of Japan are being rediscovered adding thousands of years to the history of Japanese culture, even if at the moment their appearance is slightly shunned by the history buffs, their existence is undeniable.