Great news: Thomas Wharton's The Shadow of Malabron, the first novel in the trilogy The Perilous Realm, has been nominated for both the Ruth & Sylvia Schwartz Childrens' Book Award, and the Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award.



Martine said...

My eleven year old daughter is still not fluent enough in English to have read it in that language. She and I just finished reading the French translation done by Dominique Fortier. Ms. Fortier did an amazing job in the translation. It felt as if I was reading your own English text, which I did for most of your works until now. The vocabulary is so rich that it helped my daughter get better grades in reading comprehension and spelling.

Thomas Wharton said...

I'm very pleased to hear that my book helped your daughter with her reading. My French isn't good enough for me to really appreciate Dominique's translation, so thank you for letting me know what you thought!