A small cottage-like shelter for travelers. Can only be found by those who carry a waylight, a lantern which, when lit and carried near a snug, causes the snug’s own lantern (above the door) to light, thus revealing the location of the snug. When one enters the snug, it is always found to be ready for a guest: a fire is burning cheerfully, a pot of soup is bubbling, the featherbeds are turned down for sleeping. And yet the traveler will find no one else there.

It is said that the Stewards created these hidden shelters long ago, during the Great Unweaving, as places of safety and rest for those going on perilous journeys through the dangerous, war-torn lands of the Realm.

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XeroxtDave said...

While growing up and learning about fairies and elves and gnomes and those type of creatures, I always imagined they used places like snugs. That's why they disappear so quickly and you can't find them.